News Pre 2010

November 2010
In Colloboration with the British Combat Association, we are pround to announce a seminar with Peter Consterdine on Saturday 15th January 2011. Click for Details or Click to Book

October 2010
The Mawdesley club is proud to announce the following promotions effective 3rd October 2010. These relate to the Junior Class. Cogradulations to All

Phil Newton 8th Kyu
Issac Threlfall 8th Kyu
Damien Tyrer 8th Kyu
Joseph Newton 9th Kyu

Please click for a picture of the class post grading

April 2010
The Mawdesley club is proud to announce the following promotions effective 29th March 2010. These relate to the Junior Class.

James Hope 1st Kyu
Joshua Threlfall 5th Kyu
Leon Hewitt 7th Kyu
Zack Wade 7th Kyu
Harry McDonald 7th Kyu
Henry Derbyshire 7thKyu
Hannah Ryley 7th Kyu
Josie Wade 9th Kyu
Damien Tyrer 9th Kyu

Please click for a picture of the class post grading

March 2010
The Cyprus Club under the guidence of Sensei Jez thorpe announced fthe following promotions in March 2010.
Jonathan Wallis; Brown Belt
Andros Soteriou Purple & white Belt
Click for picture of them receiving the new ranks from Sensei Jez Thorpe

January 2010
The following end of year awards were issued in January for the year of 2009
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1st Place for Attendance and Dedication; Henry Derbyshire
2nd Place for Attendance and Dedication; Hannah Ryley
3rd Place for Attendance and Dedication; Jointly between Zack Wade and Leon Hewitt

Outstanding Achievement Award; James Hope
Chief Instructors award; Joshua Threllfall

A Big well done to all

June 2009
A Very successful grading was held on Monday 15th June 2009 at the Mawdesley dojo.
A big well done to all that passed, who were.

9th Kyu Henry Derbyshire
8th Kyu; Zack Memon, Hannah Ryley, Zack Wade, Leon Hewitt, Zac Memon, Harry Macdonald (Doube Grade)
6th Kyu; Joshua Threlfall

May 2009
Herol Bomber Graham went down to Dubai with one of the KJA’s students to appears as a guest at the Transguard Group Boxing Event.

April 2009
Karate Jutsu Article written by Kris Mansfield that appears in Iain Abernethys magazine Jizzen.Click to download

January 2009
Leon Hewitt is awarded Student of the year for 2008, Leon did really well in the year and surpassed all expectations. Tom Grisdale, Junior Stream Instructor.
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November 2008
On the 27th – 30th; Jon Ryley, Kris Mansfield and Rob Mawdsley attended the BCA 15th Year annivesary training camp at the home of Sport England at Lilleshall.
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On the 8th and 9th November; The Instructors Group attended the Dan Inosanto Seminar in Edinburgh Scotland, hosted by Rick Young. Click for Pictures

October 2008
A Very successful grading was held on Monday 6th October at the Mawdesley dojo.
A big well done to all that passed, who were. Click for Group Picture 
9th Kyu; Hannah Ryley, Zack Wade, Leon Hewitt, Zac Memon
7th Kyu; Joshua Threlfall (Double Grade)
5th Kyu; Ellie Gaskell, Jack Rear
4th Kyu; Jack Turner
2nd Kyu; James Hope
1st Dan; Kris Mansfield Click for Picture

Robert Mawdesley and Tom Grisdale awarded BCA Insructorships, Click for Picture.

Again a big well done to all


Jon Ryley will be teaching an open seminar in Coventry on Sunday 5th October
This is being hosted by Tony Pillage, details

September 2008
Brian Whatford as accepted the post of Assistant Chief Instructor of the KJA, Brian is a vastly experienced 4th Dan who will bring a wealth of experience to this role,
Brian was European Martial Arts Association English title holder, going on to hold 12 gold’s 3 silver and 2 bronze and becoming the EMA grand champion, Brian also won 2 bronze and 2 gold’s with the British Tori Kai association

The Next Mawdesley grading will take place on Monday 6th October for all Kyu Grades.
Details to Follow

August 2008
Planning as started for the Christmas Party and Herol Graham Seminar.
The Herol Graham Seminar will take place on Saturday 13th December.
Cost will be £35 per person
The Christmas night out will take place at the Cathy Gardens in Southport on the same evening!
This is open to all Adult members and Parents of any junior students

July 2008
Kris Mansfield onn of the KJA’s most expereinced students as wrote a great article on his experience with our training methods
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June 2008
Falcon Karate Jutsu based in Peterborough and headed by Brian Whatford have joined the KJA, Brian is an ex 3 times UK AMA Kata Champion.
Welcome on board guys. Click for Web Page

January 2008
I’m pleased to announce that Ellie Gaskell as been awarded Student of the Year for 2007, great work Ellie and a hard Title to win.
I’m also pleased to announce that Jack Turner won the award for the highest attendance FOR A SECOND YEAR RUNNING!, having attended over 96% of all classes, Great commitment and dedication Jack.
Group Picture with Stream 1 Instructors Tom Grisdale and Robert Mawdsley 

January 2008
KJA Cyprus launches a club promotion on You tube, click the link to see it

January 2008
Picture of Herol Graham and Tom Grisdale appears in the Ormskirk Champion, this was taken at the December seminar. Click to View the Picture 

December 2007
KJA Cyprus under the leadership of Jez Thorpe, succesfully graded 4 students in December.
They were;
Anna Morai; Green Belt
Andros Soteriou; Green Belt
Jonathon “the Mad Welsh Man” Wallis Green Belt
Dimitris Krikellis; Red Belt

Well Done to all and click this link for pictures 

December 2007 
We welcome back the Legendary Herol “Bomber” Graham for a seminar on Boxing, Flow and fitness on the 22nd December, this Seminar will run from 2 till 5.
This will be followed by our annual christmas bash, please contact us for details. Herol will be attending. Click to view seminar pictures

November 2007
The Legendary Guru Dan Inosanto held his annual seminar hosted by Rick Young in Edinburgh on the 10th and 11th November. For those who dont know Guro Dan, he was Bruce Lee’s no 1 student and a martial artist with an outstanding understanding of the arts, there application and history.
Assoc Chief Instructor Jon Ryley attended this seminar, and to qoute Jon “I was blown away, I have seen nothing like this, Guru Dan;s Knowledge and practical application is second to none”
Jon Ryley with Guru Dan

February 2007
On the 7th February we announced our annual
Student of the Year for the Second Year running goes to Jack Rear.
The New Outstanding Attendance and commitment award goes to Jack Turner. 
A big well done to both students who are outstanding examples of what the association strives for. 
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January 6th 2007
The Seniors, attended a boxing seminar with Herol “Bomber” Graham, this event was run by the KJA and held at the lowwood Hotel in the Lake District. Click on hotel name for the website.

January 2007
The KJA wishes all its Students and Supporters a Happy New Year, and may all your wishes and dreams be fullfilled in this the year 2007.