Endorsement from Peter Consterdine 8th Dan, British Combat Association

I’m always impressed with a club which recognises both the importance of sound basics, but also the requirement to adapt a traditional Eastern martial art to the demands placed on us in the West to cope with violence as it happens in today’s world!

Your club has always embraced the best of traditional standard Jon, but been progressive and extremely open to the concepts and strategies of personal security and the need for intensive training.

This latter prepares your students for the realities of the street and not many clubs will embark upon ‘real’ hard core training – well done!

On a Closing Note, I fully endorse the training regime of Jon Ryley, and have had the pleasure of running open training courses at Jon’s Club in Mawdesley, Lancashire. The BCA recognise and have graded Jon Ryley to 6th Dan Karate Jutsu, 6th Dan Shotokan Karate and 3rd Dan KickBoxing..

Peter Consterdine, 9th Dan, Hanshi
Joint Chief Instructor
British Combat Association

Endorsement from Herol Bomber Graham, ex GB, European and Commonwealth Middleweight Boxing Champion
I have known Jon for around 7 years and he runs a well organised and effective martial arts association, i have had the pleasure to train with Jon at his club frequently over the last few years, and i’m always surprised by the skill level and openness to new concepts. Jon is a good coach and motivator and I wish I had known him whilst I was fighting, he would have been in my corner.

Endorsement from Russell Stutley, Principal Instructor OCFM 

I have had the privilege to know Jon Ryley for about 10 years now. During that time Jon has rapidly expanded his knowledge of Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) as applied to the Martial Arts. He has a wealth of experience in the MA having 6th Dan Shotokan and several other high Dan Grades in various disciplines.

He is a most accomplished MA with a superb attitude. Jon has been an OCFM International Coach for over 3 years, the top level in the OCFM
I highly recommend that people go to train with Jon, he has an open mind a willingness to help others and just as important he listens to what you want from your training and listens to what is required.

Not only is Jon a fine MA he is also a Gentleman with the true values of honesty, integrity and honour that are a rare commodity in these times. Always true to his word and his beliefs I feel privileged to be able to call Jon not only a MA Colleague but a friend as well.

Russell Stutely
6th Dan Karate Jutsu
OCFM International Coach