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Regular Karate Session

This occurs every Monday from 6:30 to 9:00, except for public holidays!

Karate Jutsu

What exactly is meant by the term Karate Jutsu? Let us first examine the various constituent parts of the term:

Kara- China or empty

Te – Hand

Jutsu – Science or art (depending again upon interpretations)

Recently, I was fortunate enough to read a first edition of Gichin Funakoshi’s ‘Karate Jutsu’ whilst on a trip […]

BAR and Players To The Game

Within our training we incorporate various principles into what we do in order to improve the effectiveness of our responses to aggression. These principles can be explained in various ways, but for the purpose of this article we shall refer to the principles using the phrase ‘Players to the Game’ as coined by […]

Dead or Alive

Having recently read ‘Streetwise’ by Peter Consterdine and finding it to be absolutely fantastic, I believed it was high time to check out ‘Dead or Alive’ by Geoff Thompson, which works alongside Consterdine’s modern classic perfectly.


Now, before I begin let me state that I have been involved in “real” fights, though not hundreds, […]