Kushima Shotokan;The 80's and 90's
Kushima Shot
Kushima Shotokan Karate was started by Sensei Joe Blyth in 1985, training took place in Appley Bridge, Wigan Until 1994, when Sensei moved to Glasgow.
T.Sumner then took over the club and it ran until around 1997 before closing down.
okan Karate Circ 1986

J.T.Blythe Now 4th Dan

Jon Ryley Now, 5th Dan

Original Kushima Shotokan Karate Club line up in 1986
Were are they now? S.Roach or G.Charnock are both currently 3rd Dans under the BKA and still actively teaching/training. T.Sumner graded to 2nd Dan, and no longer trains. Guys thanks for the Good times.
Kushima Shotokan Karate Circ March 1994

Jon Ryley 5th Dan

J.T.Blythe 4th Dan


Kushima Shotokan Karate Circ 1992

From Left to Right
Joe Blyth
Jon Ryley
Terry Sumner
Kushima Shotokan Around 1990.

With Gary Charnock , circ 1990.