Neil Flowers

Sensei Neil Flowers, the Quiet Man of the KJA and holds a 4th Dan in Karate Jutsu, he is also a DSI Assistant Instructor and 2nd Dan in Torite Jutsu and 1st Dan in Okinawan Kempo, he regularly teaches seminars in the UK as part of the KJA/DSI UK team and travels, always on a quest for more knowledge Neil travels twice a year to the DSI international convention in Myrtle Beach, North Carolina.

Neil is the Assistant Chief Instructors for the Karate Jutsu Association in Peterborough and Market Deeping.


    • 4th Dan; Karate Jutsu
    • 2nd Dan Torite Jutsu
    • DSI Assistant Instructor
    • 1st Dan Okinawan Kempo
    • BCA Instructor

Contact Neil at
+44 7983 617539